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Vacation Nauvoo’s Ideas For Preparing to Come to Historic Nauvoo

Build your faith


Prepare for the Temple


Learn the History of the Nauvoo Temple


Learn the History of Nauvoo


Learn the History of Carthage Jail


Watch church history videos of Nauvoo and the Nauvoo Temple–download from the Media library

  • Glad Tidings: The History of Baptisms for the Dead: Joseph Smith’s struggle with his brother Alvin’s death led eventually to the introduction of baptisms for the dead. This new ordinance was embraced by saints in Nauvoo who did the first genealogical and family history research in Church history. (6:55)

  • Endowed with Power: A dramatization of President Brigham Young speaking about the Saints receiving temple ordinances before leaving Nauvoo. President Howard W. Hunter and others speak of the blessing of participating in temple ordinances. (12:17)

  • Our Pioneer Legacy—Elder Oaks teaches about our pioneer legacy (D&C 136:1-11). (1:18)

  • Pioneers: Dallin H. Oaks, Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, pays tribute to modern-day pioneers who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. (2:27)

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